The SHAPEfund

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The SHAPEfund is a student-led, grant-making organization. The fund awards grants to exceptional New York City non-profit organizations. In addition, the SHAPEfund serves as an innovative tool to educate the next generation of young people and to ensure a place for young people in the philanthropic world. Operating within the five boroughs of New York City, the SHAPEfund provides economic assistance to organizations that serves youth (0-18 years). The SHAPEfund helps to enrich and improve children's lives by funding initiatives that provide direct services in the following six issue areas: Education; Health and Safety; Economic Empowerment; Leadership; Arts and Culture, and the Environment. As a student-led and operated organization, the SHAPEfund seeks to create a better New York City by empowering its youth through philanthropy.

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