Making Lives Safer

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The Problem

In order to save the lives of teens, they are to understand the basic life-saving for everyone in the community and most importantly, for themselves. If a teen cause a trouble, for example, drunk driving, the environment will look bad. The habits of drunk driving is a serious situation that can occur to anyone at any time. That is why it is important for teens not to drink while they are driving. Especially at night! Tips for teens for safer driving: not to take too much alcohol, while they think they can't handle it. understand the time of drowsiness, and headache or it might cause depression. A teen should accompanied by an adult when they feel that they can not drive on the road, or it will cause trouble for everyone else. Also the health os the driver should be very well settle to do the action, or on the other DO NOT DRIVE when your mind is not on the road. Another factor that cause the driving condition worst. It is speeding. Speeding comes to effect when a person is trying to race another. And that, can cause crashes as well. In solution, taking care on the road is very serious. Everyone will be safe, if everyone else care of their physical ability!!

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