PEACEJAM- women's conference

Official Project

The Problem

Peacejam is an organzation dedicated to the empowerment of youth to create change within their communities through action and dedication. The organization was concieved in 1994 in Denver, Colorado and has grown tremendously since then. It utilizes the efforts of 12 Nobel Peace laureates (bringing them together to educate the youth on how to create better societies). You can view their website at Recently Peacejam was asked to invite a group of dedicated young women to join the Omega institute women's conference in New York. A group of exceptional young women have been chosen to represent Peace Jam- all of them students ranging from a wide array of cultural and economic backgrounds. All of whom are seeking to educate themselves on progress in their communities from a woman's perspective. These students of change are seeking ways to raise money for plane tickets to the event as funding is very scarce. This event will include exceptional speakers such as Rigoberta Menchu-Tum, Shirin Ebadi, Jane Fonda and many others. Hopefully this application will find you in good will. All of the girls have been working hard to figure out ways to go to this conference. We would like to gain a new perspective on how us as women can influence our communities and have a major impact for progress. We are already thinking and collaborating on ways to use what we learn while at the conference to put those things into action.

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