Volunteer for Orphan Children in Nepal

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The Problem

 CCSV-Nepal has been dedicated to the well-being and foster care of orphaned children in Nepal.  We rely on volunteers to help us provide quality care of these children each year. The children at the orphanages are prone to illness because of lack of health care and the environment they are living in and this can be one of the issues that may take on as a volunteer - helping the children to be aware of health related needs. Basic things such as teaching them to brush their teeth, maintaining regular hygiene routines and nutrition are important. Health profiles of each child can be written and maintained to chart each child's progress.     If you are interested in volunteering, please visit http://www.ccsvnepal.org.np/joinus.htm or email Salve Shakya at ccsvnepal@wlink.com.np  

Plan of Action

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