Stop the Junk! Save a Trunk!

The Problem

More than 100 million trees' worth of junk mail arrive in American mailboxes each year---the equivalent of deforesting the Rocky Mountain National Forest 4 times per year!!! Let's stop this!A mailbox chock full of unsolicited paper material, advertisements, catalogs, postcards, coupons and miscellaneous mail, may not just intrude on your privacy, but it is also lends a hand to severe and potentially permanent environmental damage. The proliferation of unwanted junk mail produces millions of tons of paper waste for yearly delivery to our brimming landfills, causes significant losses to forests, soil and water, and contributes to the current global warming crisis that affects us now and may harm many generations to come. While junk mailers are driven by short-term profit, the rest of us are left to pay for, clean up, and suffer from this long term environmental disaster. Even beyond the long term habitat damage, hundreds of millions of our taxpayers' dollars are spent each year cleaning up the enormous waste left behind by junk mail. By joining USjunkmail and reducing paper waste, you can make an individual contribution to help preserve our precious home called Earth and send a message to junk mailers that we respect our environment.  It is a simple action with tangible results, and you can show wasteful companies that you are environmentally conscious.When you enroll in USJunkmail, a tree will be planted on your behalf.  For a limited time, the proceeds from beyond operating costs will be applied directly to the development of, an independent, non-profit worldwide community devoted to addressing the earth's most urgent environmental problems and contributing to sustainable living on our planet. By providing comprehensive and current information on a wide array of green issues, aims to increase public awareness and activism in order to seek solutions to our rapidly growing environmental concerns. With numerous esteemed published scientific studies, including those from NASA, continuing to confirm that global warming is a clear and present danger to healthy human life on earth, it is imperative that we make concerted efforts to find ways to heal our habitat. You can do something, you can make a difference.To enroll, visit:     

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