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The Problem

This idea started with the help of a group of girls at my school. We were all sitting at lunch one day and the idea came to us. I thought well, maybe this idea could really work! The idea was to try and inform teens that they should be safe and cautious when they're behind the wheel of a car. So we thought that we would stand at the end of the student parking lot and stop each student as they entered to give them each a sucker or SMARTs to help them start out the day! NOT, we were really actually checking to see if the students were wearing seat belts! Everyone would recieve a blow pop or SMARTs even if they weren't wearing a seat belt. However, the one's who were wearing a seat belt would receive SMARTs with the message that they were smart because they were being safe and to encourage them to keep up the good work and to encourage others to be safe as well. I mean teens listen to other teens so why not give it a shot! The kids who did not have a seat belt on would receive a dum-dum sucker, with the message that they were not being SMART not to say that they were actually dumb but to encourage them to buckle up when drivng or riding in a vehicle. It's all supposed to be fun but at the same time its supposed to be motivational and inspiring. Afterwards we would take a survey of each kid on whether or not they were buckled up and we would make a data table with this information and we would do this every other week to see if the data that we recieved was improving or getting worse. Hopefully, the kids would get the message and inform others! I hope u like this idea if so I think we should spread across the nation to all schools! What do you think?

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