Youth Inspiring Action Network

Official Project

The Problem

The Youth Inspiring Action Network is volunteer initiative that is youth based and youth driven, by network of youth ages 16-25 in Vancouver, BC, Canada, who initiate, facilitate, and coordinate projects to benefit our community. This network provides access to contacts, resources, and skills training to provide youth leaders with the opportunity to positively impact their community. The YIA Network hosts workshops and programs throughout the year. About half of us are working on projects related to working with elementary school students and teaching them leadership skills alongside a mentor ship component, but the projects range from tutoring, a science club, to a mental health team. We work together and network with each other and hold monthly meetings to provide ongoing support for our members in two chapters, Vancouver and University of British Columbia. The purpose of the YIA Network is to support and encourage the model of "youth helping youth" on both the community and city-wide level. Through co-ordinated efforts, resources are to be shared and a consistent standard of skills is to be maintained across community centres within the city.

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