Be Aware, Drive With A Care!

Official Project

The Problem

"Be Aware, Drive With A care!" is my campaign to make teens in my community aware of habits that are overlooked but could be very deadly. Habits could be anything from playing with your i-Pod and finishing that oh-so-delicious hamburger to applying blush and texting on your life-line connection. These may not seem like something you might have to worry about but what if your best friend got injured or even killed because another driver was abstracted but one of the many things that fit in the "habits". You don't want to be that other driver so protect yourself and your loved ones, be aware and drive with a care!  I will talk to advertising groups and get in touch with local tv companies to make ads and i will use the money to make catchy brightly trendy key chains for both guys and girls. This way people will see the ads, see the key chains that their friends are using and realize its cool to drive safely. I am also going to use the money (if I win) to post fliers at concerts and at the ASU (Arizona State University) campus so that college students will drive safe too.  

Plan of Action

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