Official Project

The Problem

When I was looking at the "Do Something" campaign website and the thing that struck me the most is that 16 kids a day die in the US from reckless driving. This fact is what I choose to create my campaign off of. First I am going to create fliers with pictures of 16 kids that have died from reckless driving. The fliers will have four black and white pictures on top, and four on the bottom with the text in the middle. The text will say: "The top five reasons these kids were killed: 1.) drinking and driving, 2.) someone on the phone, 3.)women putting make up on, 4.) drivers on drugs, 5.) reckless driving. Don't these sound like pretty stupid reason to lose a friend, or a family member? Help keep Seattle safe, Drive Smart!" Second, These fliers will be handed out by 16 kids holding signs. I will have them posted outside of driving schools, high schools, and on busy roads, or shopping centers. Each sign will say a word that ends up saying: "16 kids are killed in a car crash everyday because of reckless drivers. Can you help?"

Plan of Action

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