Save A Life

Official Project

The Problem

Save a life tour is a nationally recognized drinking and driving program that helps students realize that drinking under the influence and driving is not appropriate. It shows students the effect of alcohol, how it effects their decisions, and how it impairs their ability to operate a vehicle. When sitting in the driving simulator it impairs you slowly to show how the effect of alcohol can change your driving.It shows students what binge drinking, and drinking and driving really does to someone. It shows actual footage of accidents that have happened to other teenagers that have choosen to drink and drive. The Save a Life Tour simulator is a device that a student sits in and shows how drinking impairs your body and how it changes your driving. During the presentation, they talk about how you can help someone else make the right decisions when it comes to drinking and driving. I would use this grant to add to our account to help bring this pricey project to our school. I also plan on having the Save a Life Tour for 3 days to help bring other students from area schools to participant in this presentation so that everyone can be exposed to the program and talk about it and learn to drive safe. To bring this presentation to our school it costs $4,000.00. Right now we have collected $1,000.00. I am going to be a senior this year. I would like to see this presentation come to our school this year, but if we fall short of our goal I am still going to work to bring the presentation for the next year.  

Plan of Action

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