Project Clear the Way

Official Project

The Problem

Me and my partner will be conducting an experiment in which well have two treatment groups and one control group. First we will be taking a survey of students at our school who drive. The questions will be relating to how much they talk on the phone while driving and if they text message while driving as well. These responses will be organized, recorded, and reported over the announcements in the final video. We will select three students at our high school to participate. We will borrow a golf cart and set up an obstacle course in the student parking lot with cones, boxes, and cardboard cut outs. Each of the students will be completing all tests. The first test is simply driving through the course(control), the second is driving through the obstacle course while talking on a cell phone to a friend of their choice, and the third will be texting while driving. Clips of this will also be in our video to show during the morning announcements to make students more aware of the risk they are taking when they driving in addition to talking on their cell phones and texting.

Plan of Action

Find a Campaign