The Unknown Story of Volunteers

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The Problem

It has been said that anybody can be a volunteer and that the biggest reason people do not volunteer is because they are too busy or they just don't care.  However, if you have ever volunteered in the kitchens where the homeless eat, in the ravaged homes of those affected by natural disasters, or in the schools of underprivileged children around the world you would agree that time, effort, and conscience are only a few of the strengths needed to be a volunteer.  Once you give yourself up to the experience you begin to understand that its not just about doing what is right for the people, but it is about doing what is right for yourself, and that often involves facing your greatest fear of all, the unknown.    After completing a short fifteen minute documentary outlining the treacherous and seemingly impossible work volunteers are doing in the hurricane stricken city of New Orleans I realized that the work they are doing is not only changing the people they are helping to recover, but is changing them as well.  Volunteering is not only about providing free labor, it changes you in ways you could never imagine.  Most often the changes are good, providing the volunteer with strength and knowledge that they will hopefully use to raise awareness on a global scale.  Sometimes however seeing and living in a place that is so different, so far away, and so corrupt from what you have understood your entire life can leave a painful scar in your heart, causing cynicism and disbelief in what much of the world has come to.  Having volunteered all over the Western Hemisphere I have experienced the good and the bad sides of volunteering as well as the strengths, the bonds, the pressure, and the fear associated with it.  Now is the time, more than ever, to take what I have learned and turn it into something bigger than myself, into a movement that can change the world if we all stand up to our fears and take action.  Once I have raised enough money I will use my current documentary as a stepping stone to find and research dozens of unique volunteer stories from all over the world to build the largest and most in depth documentary the world has ever seen detailing the lives and struggles of those brave few who dare to cross the line into the unknown.  

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