Tongues of Fire

Official Project

The Problem

Tongues of Fire is a monthly open mic event hosted by youth. It will showcase young and old talent in East Oakland that is spiritually focused and inspired. Here the youth along with the adults are encouraged to share one another's opinions on all issues that present themselves in each other's lives. Everything from sexual orientation, poverty, tempation, identity, God, and love are discussed here. The intention is to teach the youth life lessons via both youth and adult perpectives as well as encourage them to pursue and rermain in a committed relationship with God. The event also involves outreaching to troubled youth that are constantly on the street regardless of their backgorund. Ultimately, this will transform into a youth driven organization that will work to attract young people to God and other hurting people here and abroad. Funds will go from addressing the people locally first and then situations abroad(e.g. Hurricane Katrina, Genocide in Sudan, Poverty in Kenya). Each month there is a topic for discussion that all people are encouraged to address. It always ends with prayer.

Plan of Action

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