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In high school I started a program called S.O.L.S.(Saving Our Lil Sisters). A program in which helped educate and benefit the young teens coming from junior high to high schools transition be easier. As a young teen myself I had to come up with something that would attract the teens and keep them involved and wanting to participate! That is when I started the S.O.L.S. Step Team also known as the SOLS Sisters! This allowed the teens to still perform activities and be seen and recognized for their efforts at school pep rallies and most importantly competitions. The competitions exposed the group of young ladies to something different and taught them how to accept constructive criticism and less times than more losing... There were various projects set up for the teens such as feeding the needy on holidays. Making baskets for the battered and abused women and many many more! All in all I enjoy helping others the S.o.l.s. program was a great way to learn an grow. It allowed me to be open minded and most importantly allowed me to do what i enjoy the most! HELP OTHERS...

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