Hurricane Rita Project

The Problem

In 2006 i went with my church to Madisonville, Texas, for a mission trip. We worked on peoples houses and built wheelchair ramps and painted houses etc. When i was up there i came up with an idea of when we get home why don't we do these same things in our own community. We just experienced Hurricane Rita and still many houses were damaged. So when I got home I called the city manager and he told me people that needed help in the community. I told some of my friends and we raised money and built a 32-foot ramp for an 94 year old woman and we did a yard clean up for another disabled woman. I also started a project called the brown bag project where we go to a less privileged local town and we hand out sack lunches and clothes to whoever needs them. I hope to help as many people as I can and I hope to be able to keep raising enough money to help people around our community.

Plan of Action

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