African Loan Program

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The Problem

Basically, what I seek to do is to start a club at my high school to give loans to needy small African businesses that are trying to expand. When you think about all the aid that is going to Africa, you have to realize that so much of the money behind that goes to people in other continents (the farmers themselves, the pharmaceutical companies, etc.). I was inspired by a PBS show about a group called KIVA (found at It is a group dedicated to setting up local groups that approve their own loans for people in their communities. That means it's actually the people in the community who are making the decision whether or not it will help them, not some person half a world away! Using this website, I am starting a club that will manage a fund to give these loans to Africa. There is nothing to lose by giving them money, as you are getting it back (the website boasts a 100% return rate), and still helping people. My school is in an affluent community, and I believe by starting this club, kids will become more involved in the group, and tell their parents about it, who will hopefully be willing to give, as well. This way my school is not asking for money, but the group is still promoted. Anyways, I am really excited about this and would appreciate any comments about it! Thanks

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