Just For You

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The Problem

I am in Girl Scouts and we have completed the Gold Award. For our Gold Award we were given a place to use for helping our community. We took in clothes that were no longer wanted and we washed, mended, sorted, and rotated them on display according to seasons. The idea of the project was to have anyone in the need of clothes come in and get as much of whatever they wanted to help them out. Whether if the occasion was there was a house fire and they lost everything to somebody needing a pair of cleats for a sport cause they have outgrown theirs so they do not need to spend money and go all the way to a store to get them. The store “Just For You” is basically a clothing pantry where if you needed something you came in and got it free of charge. In our time put into this we helped over 800 people at over 8000 items. Now we have donated our items to the Rutland Women and Children Abuse Center.

Plan of Action

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