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Greetings,The Little Ladies Literary Group is a book club. The book club has ten ninth grade members, including the moderator. The mission is to promote literacy through the readings of various literary genres. The goal is for the young ladies to become better readers, leaders, sisters, daughters, dreamers and friends by reading and expressing. The Little Ladies Literary Group - JBJ Foundation meets once a month, reading two books per month and having discussion questions and projects. For instance this month, we read 'Forged By Fire', a book that deals with child and drug abuse. At the end of the book there's information about the National Child Abuse Center. Our book club will contact this center to get statistics on this issue in our community and see how we can be instrumental in helping a victim to cope. That may be donating books to a shelter that house victims of this abuse... The book club is a instrumental way to help foster education, build vocabulary and character and enlighten those involved on social issues that concern them and their surroundings. Our club is new and we could use the grant to help us buy books and promote the fundamentals of reading.Thank You ,Nerissa Cannon

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