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The Problem

My interest in the public and non-profit sector is a result of my passion to help empower the marginalized. When it was time for me to choose my academic and career path I was drawn to the liberal arts: particularly political science, public administration and policy. A focus in ethics and gender issues, and the exposure gained as a member of a public service sorority has continued to shape my priorities within this realm. Accordingly, much of my projects are in the field of the social sciences, with a strong focus in nonprofit management and leadership. The impetus for the formation of Delta Evaluation Team (DET) was to increase the visibility, and strengthen the sustainability of grassroots’ efforts. Without financial remuneration, this volunteer driven organization has been serving in this capacity since 2004. Our beneficiaries range from those delivering youth services to those providing outreach efforts focused on preventing breast/cervical cancer. The most recent accomplishment for DET is marked by the 8/11/2007 soapbox race for the Baltimore City community. These types of races occur throughout the nation, and have been branded as a NASCAR Youth Initiative managed through the All American Soapbox Derby. Typically participants of this Initiative range from the ages of 8 to 17 and are sponsored through their families--who invest about $800.00 so that they can construct a soapbox vehicle in which their kids then race. Having a per capita income of $16,978 with 21.5 percent of its residents being below the poverty line, this is unfortunately not a reality for most of the homes in Baltimore City (its home state, Maryland, has a per capita income of $25,614 and only 9.2% of Maryland’s residents are below the poverty line) (US Census, 1999 to 2004). In response to this disparity, under the auspices of Delta Evaluation Team I monitored the availability of sponsorship, and then solicited $10K in funding for the project's visionary. This annual event aims to engage Baltimore City youth and their families in basic engineering skills though the construction of soapbox vehicles, as well as bring families closer together. Plans are already underway for 2008. Note that this project was featured on the local news station,

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