Empowering young mothers to STAY on the road to EDUCATION

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The Problem

Teens with Tots is a non profit organization that provides a focus to educate and guide the lives of teen mothers. We are in direct response to the number of teen mothers who feel that an education or successful life is no longer in their future, or do not understand how to access all the assistance that is available to them to ensure that they continue their education. Teens with Tots offer young single mothers in Atlanta, GA an opportunity to work with a caring mentor to develop a positive attitude towards their future as well as having great programs and workshops in place specifically designed to help teen mothers reach their maximum potential of success. With the graduation rate in Georgia being ONLY 40% amongst teen others, Teens with Tots is committed to improving the lives of young single mothers and to promoting the importance of continuing education through college, graduate school, pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, coaching and leadership.

Plan of Action

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