The Lighthouse Church College Cell Group: Confident Women

Official Project

The Problem

Well, I'm taking leadership classes right now so I can start my own cell group. I have to balance time between church and school, but I trust God; Anyways, what I plan to do is help women realize their self-worth by embracing God and learning how to be independent without pride getting in the way. There are a lot of women out their with broken hearts based on stereotypes, past relationships with ex-boyfriends or parents, have low self-esteem, poor body image, mental health issues, etc; and because women are usually more emotional, I'd like to help them get out of their emotional way of thinking and introduce them into a logical yet more optomistic way of thinking so they can realize that they are more beautiful than they think inside and out. I also want them to realize that they can come to God just as they are wherever they are in life because God will not judge them and niether will I nor the other cell members that I have. I want a cell group based on Love and the holy trinity and that is my goal with women and their issues.

Plan of Action

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