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As part of the Youth Day Celebration at Zion Hill First Baptist Church in Rockmart, Georgia, a Youth Day Educational Trip and Assignment was organized. The leaders of the church decided to take the youth to The Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee. Each youth was instructed do compose a paper on the thing that inspired them the most at the museum as part of a contest. The winner of the contest was going to be awarded a certificate and prize from the church. Because of funding or lack of, each youth and adult had to pay $ 20.00 for the trip. It helped to cover the cost of the bus trip and food. There was a total of 30 youth and 15 adults, including our Pastor and his family. Memphis, Tennessee is a approximately a 4 hour drive from where we live. The trip was going fine until the bus broke down 50 miles outside of Memphis, Tennessee. We had to wait 7 hours on the bus without air conditioning, on the side of the expressway, before a replacement bus arrived to take us home. The museum had closed and we were not able to finish the trip. The children and youth were devasted. They had prepared to write their essays on the most memorable and educational event at the museum, but never got the opportunity. We had to return home. In hopes of making the trip again. Youth day is coming up again next month and we would like to take our youth to the museum. This is the purpose of writing the grant, so that many adults and youth will be able to learn about a King, Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement that impacted the lives of so many people. Our church is located in the middle of the city and most of our youth are from Public Housing, not being able to afford the money to take the trip again, we ask for assistance in making it possible for them to see the sites and learn of the movement that changed history. This is a global, cultural and educational event for our young people and we ask your assistance in providing them with a grant to complete this mission. Making it possible for thier dream to become a reality. We plan to build a library within our education center at church, and this will be the first project to help our youth make their own churh history. My name is Gail Sherfield. I am a youth Sunday School Teacher and Educator. My number is [personal content edited out by admin] Zion Hill First Baptist Church 828 Martin Luther King Jr. Street P.O. 904 Rockmart, Georgia 30153 Pastor, Ramon Arnold Sr. [personal content edited out by admin]

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