Operation Easter Basket

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The Problem

Operation Easter Basket is an event that the Beta Club at my school sponsors every year. The purpose of this project is to provide orphan children with easter baskets but mainly to share the love of Jesus with them. Each spring, money is raised by distributing jars brought in and decorated by each member to place in each classroom. Each class is asked to fill the jar with spare change to help in raising the money. After a couple of weeks, the jars are collected and the money is counted. With the money raised, gifts, candy and other items are bought to be put in the baskets. Also, Christian tracks are put in the baskets to let the children know the real reason we celebrate Easter. One day after school, a few of the members stay after school to put the baskets together. Being the vice president of the beta club, I am very involved in this part. The easter baskets are then taken to Sipes Orchard Home and distributed to the children. This is something that involves everyone in the Beta Club, and is a annual event that I hope will continue.

Plan of Action

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