Official Project

The Problem

Relay for Life has always been one of our favorite causes, so we decided to initiate a project that involved the whole school in something we cared so much about. And what did we come up with? Titus Week! The principal at our high school's name is Mr.Titus and he's basically our own JRHS celebrity; everybody loves and admires what he has done. So, in honor of him, we created a week of school sprit and fundraisers to benefit RFL. We dedicated each day to a specific theme. For example, "Tie"-tus day was a day that everyone donned our principals attire (consisting of a tie). The fun part comes in where we convinced Mr.Titus to agree to "consequences" if we raised our goal for the day- we even got him to sing Britney Spears "Oops! I did it again" over the morning announcements!!!! Every part of the day related back to the theme, and students were able to get involved by buying things at lunch. Our biggest sellers were the Titus Cakes- simple cupcakes with white icing and T's on the top, which we sold every day. Each person in the club signed up to make a certain number of cupcakes for a specific day, so it really was a group effort. Titus Week became an annual project after the success of the first year, and as of now, three Titus Weeks have come and gone- each improving over the last. Last year, we made T-shirts that said "Titus is my homeboy" on the front and "Relay for Life... all the cool kids will be there!!" on the back ("all the cool kids will be there" was Mr. Titus' catch pharse to get student to come out to school events). Titus week takes about 2 months worth of weekly one-hour meetings to plan out in detail, but a similar event could take less planning time depending on how extensive you want to make it.

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