The Problem

Sex Sells. Children. For $10 Billion a Year theSOLDproject… a journey to expose the truth behind the child sex industry Each year billions of dollars are generated through the sexual exploitation of innocent children around the world. This must be stopped. Their stories must be told. A group of seven passionate and artistic twenty-somethings journeyed through Southeast Asia with a mission to uncover the truth behind the child sex industry. Driven by their desire to unearth the truths of this injustice, the crew traveled through beautiful Southeast Asia meeting with aid workers, delving into the darkest areas of the red light districts and brothels, and building relationships with sex industry workers. Six weeks prior to the crew’s arrival, Director Joel Nassan and Producer Rachel Sparks spent day and night treading through Southeast Asia’s soil researching this issue. Meeting with organizations, playing with children in high risk areas, hanging out with current sex workers, and even conversing with sex tourists; their goal was to gather objective information and deconstruct any preconceived ideas they personally had about the child sex industry. Seeing faces and hearing stories rather than just reading statistics opened up a completely new understanding about the complexity of this issue. Throughout this journey they garnered a large amount of respect for the beautiful Thai culture and people, but remained burdened by the fact that child prostitution does exist. Our time in SE Asia showed us that one way to fight child prostitution is to prevent it. We have established an education fund, in which we hope to provide poor village children, refugee children, and hilltribe children a chance at an education. We have chosen our first receipient, Cat, who will be featured in our film. The central aim of the film is to expose and uncover this issue in its entirety, spanning life before bondage, life in the brothel, and life after reentering society. The purpose is to inform, educate, stir, empower, and connect the American youth with tools to fight this issue; ways to get plugged in and push for sustainable change. In addition, the crew of the film wishes to open America’s eyes to the staggering injustices of sexual exploitation that are happening just around the corner—in cities across the United States. Look for the film this spring as SOLD kicks off a national tour traveling to college campuses, churches, music and film festivals, and high schools.

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