Challanger Bowlers

Official Project

The Problem

There was a need for a "Challanger Bowling League" in our neighborhood. Challangers are "kids with disabilities" that need to have fun. No one wanted to run that kind of league so my mother, who is a certified bowling coach started the league 5 years ago. I have helped her from the beginning and got my coaches certification. We have many disabilities. No one is ever turned away. There are kids that can only push with a finger but we make sure that they have as much fun as everyone else. Our league started with 8 kids and now this year has 35 with more joining every week. I could not imagine not doing this. I know that I give smiles and laughter to these "kids" every week. I went as far as to work 2 jobs over the summer. One was at Circuit City and the other was a day camp for children with disabilities. I put in 12 hour days and would do it again in a split second. They make me thankful every day. My life would be very boring without my "Challangers" (:

Plan of Action

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