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The Problem

We often see television shows like Extreme Home Make-Over that remodel a persons house from the ground up and providing safe home for those who are less fortunate. For quite some time, that image of a family in need was so distant from me and somthing that i could tune in and tune out each week as I turned on my television. It wasn't until I moved to California that I began to understand what being in need really means. In the nearby towns of Oakland and East Palo Alto, I see people both old and small who are struggling to make ends meet and whose homes are basically falling down around them. It is our goal to sponsor a house for a rebuilding project that would help a family remodel the essentials of their house. Be a simple repainting job, or installing a handicap accessible ramp we want to aid families in our surrounding communities by helping their house not only be their shelter but also a place that they can take pride in and call their home. Each year thousands of homes across the nation work with organizations like Rebuilding Together to help restore houses. Working in conjunction with Rebuilding Together, the house we are looking at this year cost roughly $2,500 to provide many of the essentials that it is lacking, but being a community service organization that has various projects we are lacking the funds necessary to make this into a reality.

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