Community Pride

Official Project

The Problem

For the past twenty years, Burlington has been a shrinking community. The school loses an average of 10 students each year, because their parents cannot find or maintain work in Burlington. Burlington is losing people, which means that Burlington is losing pride. Eventually, there will be no reason for future generations to return. There will be no motivation for people to live here. It is a great community, that needs a few nudges in the right direction. In conjunction with the local high school Entrepreneur class, we are starting a youth community pride and development focus. Local teens will be paired with local businesses to work on store and window decoration, business research and marketing. Local teens will also be paired with young adults who grew up in Burlington, and recently returned to the community. The goal is to add a new perspective to community development in Burlington, and involve the youth. This will allow the youth to take pride in their community and the project. For time sake, the school is allowing students to work on this project during their Entrepreneur class time.

Plan of Action

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