Kicking AIDS Out of Africa

The Problem

The project will benefit both the global community and the local community. The goal of Kicking AIDS Out of Africa will be to raise funds for UNICEF and its already implemented campaign towards educating youth, and especially females, in Africa about the causes and consequences of aids. The funds from the grant will be used to purchase t-shirts and wristbands that will sold at school. The profits will be donated to UNICEF towards their AIDS awareness program in Africa. By selling products that feature AIDS in Africa, students will become aware of the problem which exists there. In addition, a committee will be set up through the school's Key Club in order to educate peers during a week long Kicking AIDS Out of Africa Campaign. A short video concerning the lives of African children who have been orphaned by aids will be presented to the students at school. All of the previously mentioned planned events have been approved by the school's administration, but due to the lack of funding, have not been able to be implemented. I was hoping to start this campaign soon so that more awareness could be spread on the night of Halloween, when we have students wearing our designed t-shirt around their neighborhood asking for donations, and at the same time, educating the public about the devastating conditions caused by aids in the countries of Africa.

Plan of Action

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