More About Yourself...

Official Project

The Problem

For a volunteer project, I was stumped as to what I'd do to help out my community. I wanted to do something that was away from the typical "Park Clean-Up Day" or making baskets for shelters, so I slept on it for four months, and finally I came up with "More About Yourself...", a set of workshops designed for fifth grade boys and girls entering middle school. The workshops are desiged around self esteem, education, and being prepared for the difficult change into junior high. We'd do things like teaching kids how to take care of themselves without thinking too much about how they look. We'd also focus on Body Image and feeling good about yourself. We'd go over simple things like mangaing time between classes, since it's the first year of having more than one class, and things like eating right, homework and test taking strategies, with hidden lessons about responsibility, and good citizenship. I helped my little Sister, Julia, and tons of her friends through this difficult stage, and they thrived in junior high. That's why I thought this would be a perfect way to help the youth in my community.

Plan of Action

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