Official Project

The Problem

It is my goal to establish a non-profit organization that will keep children form being home alone after school. This is to be a park, with a building providing places to do homework. This program would specifically target to hire young teens to help out, as a way of reaching children of all ages. when the actual building itself is closed, it would still be a welcoming environment for teens in the evenings, as somewhere to go hang out where they don't feel pressured to drink, or where they won't be out driving late at night. In my town, the teenagers hang out ina aparking lot, which we are constantly being harrassed or kicked out of, and its not the most comfortable place to hang out. The only good afterschool program is the Rec department, and it focuses mainly on sports, so if you don't play sports you are kind of out of luck. this place would be called "The Spot" and would encourage community service by allowing oppurtunities for various service projects, rewarding participants with "Spot Dots", a kind of currency to be spent around the center. Spot dots could be redeemed for snacks, t-shirts, bags, and even it would be possible for someone to save enough spot-dots for a car. This would be a way to encourage community service at a young age and give kids a chance to earn things, even when they are young. some children might not be able to have a car when they are 16 or seventeen, but this is a way to help a child earn something they would never have had an opportunity for otherwise. I am very passionate about this project and it would be a dream to be able to make it happen so that my little sisters and their friends can have a positive place to grow up, and won't be stuck at home by themselves after school, and also have a chance to help their communities. There have been far too many accidents in the home that could have been avoided if the children weren't left home alone, and this is a way to prevent further accidents. I hope you can help me help my community! :)

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