Pat & Mac McCutcheon Memorial Fitness Trail

Official Project

The Problem

We live in a very small town in central Oklahoma. Our town has less than 500 people. We don't have any health clubs or boys and girls clubs for the people to use. We do have a very large, and beautiful park with some playground equipment and two baseball fields. What we are working on is building a fitness trail that everyone in our community can use. The fitness trail will be a one mile long by 4 foot wide lighted path around the outside of the park. One quarter mile of the path will go through the woods. The city park, named Tiger Park, is located at the cener of town. The fitness trail will be asphalt because many of the people who are going to use the trail are senior citizens. We want the trail to have a smooth surface so no one will trip and fall. We want the trail to have lights so there is a safe place to exercise in the winter in the evening time. We are naming the trail after some very good people who died in a plane crash. They used to do a lot of things to help the people in our community. The lady who died had very pretty flower gardens. Her family gave us some of her plants and when the trail is finished we will plant them along the edge of the trail. We will also be researching all the native plants along the trail and marking them so that as people walk they can get to learn about the plants.

Plan of Action

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