The gym is too far away and no fun

Official Project

The Problem

The gym on campus is across campus, so by the time I get there I am too tired to work out. This is a common complaint among college kids. A simple solution is to place 2 treadmills, a bike and a few other pieces of equipment in the basement as a mini gym. We have desk staff so someone could man a desk down there. This would promote a little more exercise. Then when you walk in the dinning hall, dessert should NOT be the first thing you see, and then you turn and see the grill. Maybe we should see a fruit/veggie bar and then turn and see something like the main dish so that we think healthy as we go in. There also needs to be a listing of what a serving size is as well as fat, ingredients, and so forth listed next to it so we can make healthy decisions on what to eat. It is a few simple things that make a difference. We sponsor a few more sports related things, we give out info on healthy eating and require nutrition for graduation. The truth is America has a problem, but for now let's just change the college world and no more freshmen 15.

Plan of Action

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