Prisoner Restoration

Official Project

The Problem

Having a father who works at our local jail I have come to a different perspective of prisoners. When a Prisoner is released they are sent out the door often without even a ride home. They're life as they left it is now in shambles. With no job, few resources and a broken spirit there isn't much hope. For several release prisoners the outside world is scary and depressing. They are very likely to slip into drug use and commit other crimes out of desperation. I feel this is all very wrong. I propose a Prisoner restoration program. If a series of trade businesses such as plumbing or concrete would link together and agree to employ recently released prisoners with a few guidlines it would open the door for these men and women to become citizens again. They would learn a trade and be taught how to work hard. This would increase their self value and morale. They would be able to suppor themselves and would be less likely to slip back into a destructive lifestlye where they could end up in jail again. This is also very helpful to the society. It ups the economy because there are more people working and it reduces the crime rate by helping to eliminate repeat offenders.

Plan of Action

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