Beautiful,Elegant, And Unique Teens and Youth (BEAUTY)

Official Project

The Problem

I see too many people in my community who are hurt because they think they are not the " normal" type of person. Truely, what does "normal" really mean? I believe that teens and youth who think like this get depressed and often try to hurt themselves or others need more help than just rehab. That doesn't work for everyone. Some people really need a place where thay can connect and really not be judged or looked at in a different way for it. I believe that a persons body is their temple and noone should ever feel like there temple is unworthy to be liked. I haven't began to start my project yet but I know that it can help a lot of people. BEAUTY is just going to be a community group to help people struggling with eating too much or not eating enough, and even polluting their bodies with drugs and alcohol. We'll participate in group and individual sessions and also in fun activities. I think what most of the teens struggling with this needs is a good set of friends and I believe this will create that for many, many teens and youth. I would love to just have a fun weekend and go rock climbing or swimming. also, maybe these teens and youth sometimes just need to get away from their parents and instead of going to good friends, they turn to drugs or began abusing their body. Thats all I have so far. anyone can email me for questions ofr help at or

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