The Gift of Christmas

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“The Gift of Christmas” Community Service Project The Glamorous Clover Girls Modeling Squad is a nonprofit club organized by local 4-H Volunteers and county extension agent. The GCG Modeling Squad consists of sixteen youths ages 8-16 years with five adult members. With many negative influences affecting our community today, the county extension organized a community wide modeling squad. Youths explore development issues such as self-esteem, self-confidence, problem solving, and teamwork using various activities in the Fashion Modeling Curriculum. The squad tried their hand at modeling, designing, styling and manicuring by expressing themselves through each lesson. The Modeling Squad learned the basic principals of modeling. The lessons are hands-on and help develop basic modeling talents. As part of their community service projects, club members wanted to give back to their community by giving to nursing home residents “The Gift of Christmas” a short play. This project is an excellent concept for our club members for their community service projects. The project will benefit our youth by teaching respect for elderly, teamwork, confidence, responsibility, social, and leadership skills. The Modeling Squad members will research the special clothing needs of the elderly and disabled. They will learn construction techniques to alleviate common problems. Using this knowledge, members will conduct a service project with a local nursing/rest home and will include a Special Needs Fashion Show. The modeling squad will prepare and design gift bags and Christmas cards to give to nursing home residents for Christmas. The squad will present a short play, model, sing, dance, and mime for residents. The squad members will make 250 gift bags and cards to give to 250 elderly people in nursing homes. The squad will visit several nursing homes in the surrounding areas. Project Budget Quantity Item Unit Cost Total Cost 21 Brown Paper Gift Bags $6.96 $145.00 3 Foam Craft Shapes 9.95 19.90 6 Design your-own card 4.95 29.00 250 Supplies for bags 5.00 1250.00 Tax 7% 101.07 SUBTOTAL $1544.97 Bus for Transportation 300.00 TOTAL PROJECT EXPENSE $1,844.97 TOTAL REQUESTED $1,500.00

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