Extreme Makeover: Fitness Roadshow Edition

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The Problem

I am asking for funding for a Clark County School District project called the " Extreme Makeover: Fitness Roadshow Edition." I facilitate secondary PE programs for the Clark County School District in Las Vegas, NV. We would like funding to add more schools to our "tour" schedule. The goal of the fitness roadshow is to bring awareness to the new way of teaching physical education involving moderate to vigorous physical activity for all students. I made alliances with Partners for a Healthy Nevada and Jamba Juice smoothies. Volunteers from Partners for a Healthy Nevada come in and run fitness stations at each school we visit. We come in a set up five fitness stations and stay the entire day to teach all of the school's physical education classes. Our stations include: Stability balls for core endurance, resistance bands for muscular strength, medicine balls for upper body strength, agility ladders, jump ropes, and an interactive fitness station with XaviX J-mat games and Dance, Dance Revolution games. We also teach concepts at each station like: Target Heart Rate, the Health related fitness components, how nutrition plays a part in achieving a healthy lifestyle, and the food pyramid. We give away pedometers and smoothies at this event to participants. We also leave all the fitness equipment we use at the school, so their PE department can continue to implement fitness based physical education classes. We need funding to visit more schools. Right now we are only scheduled to visit four schools. We want to visit many more, but lack of funding prevents us from doing so!!

Plan of Action

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