EcoWalk Garden Project

Official Project

The Problem

The EcoWalk Garden Project is an initiative that will highlight the opportunities for plant-based education by planting a garden on our nature trail called the EcoWalk. The EcoWalk is a trail (approximately half a mile) that winds through about 7 acres behind our school. Individual classrooms and/or grade levels will utilize the EcoWalk to enhance the existing curriculum as well as create unique lessons based on the attributes of the EcoWalk’s resources. Teachers, students, and community will experience native plant life, wildlife and ecosystems in conjunction with developing environmental conscientiousness and ideas and techniques for conservation. EcoWalk students will explore their local surroundings to discover issues of personal interest, design their own investigations and collaborate with teachers to assess their academic progress. The EcoWalk will offer students a significant role in designing their own learning, conducting in-depth research and applying subject-matter skills and knowledge through service-learning projects.

Plan of Action

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