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The Problem

Childhood obesity is becoming a huge problem in our community. Harmony Elementary, in Oldham County, Kentucky would like to incorporate a fittness path on it's North Oldham campus to help off set this growth. Harmony shares this campus with a middle school and a high school. Neighborhoods also border the campus, thus the community can make good use of the develped trail. We would like this trail to be educational, with sign posts and mile markers, as well as benefitial for fittness. It should appeal to all ages, from newborns in strollers to elderly and physically handicapped individuals. We would like the trail to be approximately 2 miles in lenght. Some of the trail will be paved and other parts will be mulched, exposing the user to the schools' campus and the natural setting around the schools. Sign posts will indicate plant life and wildlife that exists in the area, as well as health benefits from walking. This trail will benefit the students on the campus, provideing them a safe place to do physical fittness walking and improve their health. It will also provide a safe walking path for an afterschool club of walkers and hikers without having to leave the school campus and for the neighboring community, building ties between the community and it's schools.

Plan of Action

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