Plastic is Bigger than you think!

Official Project

The Problem

At my high school and in my community, recycling bins seem surprisingly empty while garbage cans overflow with cardboard, paper, and to the greatest extent, plastic bottles. What I propose for my community project is to make a visual representation of how many recyclable bottles are carelessly thrown away. I feel that individuals do not realise that an entire communities worth of plastic bottles being thrown away is causing undo harm to the enviroment and in turn, our health. I will get a group of students together and build a large bin, which we will fill with one weeks worth of plastic being thrown away, which will in turn be recycled. After this section of the project is over, we will fundraise by selling reusable nalgalene water bottles, and the proceeds will be given to the ALS Association to benefit Lou Gehrig's disease research.

Plan of Action

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