Promotion of international citizenship one student at a time

Official Project

The Problem

My name is Mark O. I am currently a student at Mesa Community College in Mesa, Arizona. As we live in a shrinking world I watch people of many countries isolate themselves from the inevitable fall of a uni-polar world. Worldwide societies are looking to protect their comfort by looking inward, this form of self dilution can only lead to discrimination and bigotry. With global immigration and America’s stance as the worlds dominators coming to an end, we need to educate ourselves on this wonderful blue world. Soon citizens of the U.S will have to become fluent in at least one language. I have been awarded admission the American University of Paris. Here I will study history and philosophy for my undergraduate. I am going to spend three years learning how to live and thrive in a completely different society. I will have to meet new people and gain a new perspective of people who have lived a life that has been stimulated by many different things than myself. From here I will bring back to the United States international citizenship. I will then go to medical school where I would like to spend my career giving free care to the Nepalese people. I have found that whatever you give to this world you receive in exponential amounts. While I have big dreams and set out to help many people I am financially unable to accomplish this without the help of others who value their future. In order for me to pursue my dream I will need to come up with at least 10000 US dollars. This grant would not only influence my future but also help aid many in the future.

Plan of Action

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