Ways to be healthier

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The Problem

You're most likely so used to the food habits you've already created. Have a need or a desire to be healthier in the things you put in? You just have to start little by little. There will be no long-time change if you do it dramatically. It will only cause you to go back to the old habits you had. Binge eating is one of the major results of that. What i mean by changing your intake of food little by little is the following: Maybe you drink a soft drink everyday, more than once a day. You can just drink one, instead of several a day. Continue this for about a week. Once you've adapted to that habit, stop drinking that soft drink, attempt to atleast. It will take a little time, and maybe if you're so used to having a drink, you'll have withdrawals, or cravings. The same, you should do with the other foods. When you serve yourself something to eat,the biggest portion should be salad. Before every meal, drink a full glass of water, so you won't over feed yourself. You will see a big difference in the way you interact, and the energy you have. Not only that, but also your body's shape. It would help a lot more with exercise.

Plan of Action

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