The Problem

"Trim Kids" is a twelve week program focusing on exercise, nutrition information, and behavior modification to produce a successful weight loss program for children ages 7-17. Participants and their families will learn how to make healthy food choices, choose appropriate fitness activities, and make lifestyle changes that will lead to a healthier life. After the twelve weeks a new session will begin. Participants can re-enter the program if they wish. For a nominal fee ($20.00) participants receive the "Trim Kids" text book, a twelve week membership to the YMCA, nutrious snacks, and a variety of handouts. We meet twice a week for one hour each time. The first meeting is a fitness session where children and parents participate in activities including, but not limited too: the climbing wall, swimming, karate, yoga, gym games, walking, and more. The second meeting is nutritionally based with children and parents learning about the food pyramid, how to read a food label, how to determine calorie content, learn about carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, and more. "Trim Kids" is run through the local Mesabi YMCA in Virginia, Minnesota. The program has been in existence for 1 1/2 years and has served 36 families. We run a new session every 12 weeks. Our program coordinator has been in contact with the local school nurses, pediatricians, early childhood/family education, and public health offices to offer information about the obesity issue and our program, to get support and recommendations for the program, and to be reputable throughout the community. We also have a strong advisory board which inludes a sports/medicine doctor, a psychologist, several dieticians, and staff from the YMCA. We are currently looking to raise money to buy child sized cardio equipment. We would like to purchase exercise bikes for children ages 6-12.

Plan of Action

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