The Healthy Generatiom

Official Project

The Problem

The main purpose of this project is to show overweight teens that there is away to become healthy again. Most of us teenagers who are overweight, are so because of life itself. Whether it be peer pressure, living situations or family in general, there is always a cause. But just as I am sure that we have tried to overcome the situation; we cant and the same same goes for the way we eat. It is a void filler and it makes us comfortable. But its not healthy nor will it help us lead happy lives. This program is basically to find the source of the problem, What is the reaoning for the carless eating habits; is it self-esteem, living arrangments, family, school, society? Whatever it is that is where the road to a healthy life begins. From there we put the problems in the past. You have a support system that helps you overcome the problems in your life. Then we move on to the body. What is healthy eating? Why do I want to do it? What will it do for me? How do I start. Then the support group starts. We start as a group of teenagers at the gym 3 days out the week for an hour. We give encouragement we are all here for the same reason and everyone has the same goal. You eat healthy we sit down and comprise a meal plan for each weak, giving everyone the correct amount of nutrients needed with the correct amount of calories. After about 2 months we check the results, and we meet once a month for the next year to make sure that we dont go back to our old eating habits, but instead progress to a new healhy lifestyle.

Plan of Action

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