High School Health

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The Problem

Be salubrious. Encourage the high school or district administrator to start (if not already an active program) optional open gym sessions. These will be available to eligible, interested students during the lunch period, before school, and during study hall/seminar/homeroom. Recreational sports such as basketball or four-square will be available within schools grounds for a short period of time (recess-type recreation). This will promote fun, energizing exercises without any strenuous or exhausting efforts. It is also a good way to promote student interaction and sociality. Also, encourage the high school or district administrator to create a healthy options menu for students and staff during lunch if there is not already a health program. There should be a not-necessarily-exquisite salad bar. As much as possible organic and fresh foods should be available. Menu items can include freshly made sandwiches, whole grain pastas with light sauce, fruits/juices, and snacks (because children and teens love snacks!) such as whole grain crackers and cereals, granola bars, yogurt/cheese, nuts/trail mixes. An attractive and easily accessible lunch option such as this wholesome menu will promote healthy eating, hopefully the equal or cheaper prices, and nutritious diet.

Plan of Action

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