William & Mary Wellness Program

Official Dosomething.org Project

The Problem

The purpose of this organization will be to educate middle school and possibly high school students about proper nutrition and wellness. The organization will have student volunteers from the College of William and Mary travel to schools in the Williamsburg area, and possibly further, to hold educational seminars on nutrition and wellness. Some of the goals of the organization include educating middle and high school students on: What constitutes a well-balanced meal The role of exercise in overall fitness Come up with alternative forms of exercise Provide them with information on gyms, cost, etc. The effects of “yo-yo dieting” Expel nutrition myths Provide students with contact information to ask any questions they may have Provide students with written material that gives them an overview of the session There will be training sessions for volunteers, and we will have a nutritionist we can contact for all of the information needed. The organization has not been founded yet, but the grant would help start it this year instead of having to wait until next year to even begin the process.

Plan of Action

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