Be Fit; Stay Healthy; Train Right!

Official Project

The Problem

First, I want to start out saying that I believe that I strive hard to be healthy and work hard to maintain that image. I like to be in shape and know what kinds of foods I'am putting into my body. I do count my calories per day and excercise every day. I now want to help kids and teachers in our school to do the same. I want them to be healthy and to be able to lose weight. They should be given that chance. This project will consist of three main parts. First, there will be a circut training workout. This will consist of stations that you wil move throughtout every 5 minutes or so, depending on the length of the session. This is a great workout procedure for endurance, working on different muscles of the body, and getting fit in different and fun ways. Second, we will discuss each week what they ate in that day, and I will be able to substitute some of the bad foods for some other more rewarding food. I want to be able to give them logs that they can say what they ate for that day. They should be able to see how they are improving their eating throughout the weeks. If they cheat on these food logs then they will only be cheating themselves. I'm just there to help them along the way to their goals. Finially, they will be switching from their circut training classes to more of a Pilates class or Tabo class so that their breathing and more active workouts can be focused on too. This is pretty much the scheduale I had in mind. I want to be able to go over what the students and teachers eat in a normal day, what they really like to snack on, and try and change those foods into something more nutritious. Then I want to make a good productive workout, so that their heart rate will increase to a proper level for fat burning, and to have their muscles used in differnet ways so they become leaner and stronger.

Plan of Action

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