Inner Birmingham Relief

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The Problem

One night at about three in the morning I found myself driving through downtown Birmingham, AL. I had never driven downtown alone before. It would be a night I would never forget. I came over red mountain and the city lights came into view. It was beautiful but then I started to drive down twentieth street and just past UAB I began to see figures on either side of the street. Figures on benches. I knew people were homeless but i have never experienced anything like this before. My heart broke for these people. No matter age gender or color I wanted to help in whatever why possible. I started by helping organizing a blanket drive at my school in which we rasied over collected over 100 blankets. But i wanted to do more i did not only want to help these people but i wanted to make a personal connection. So one cold night in december I got a friend and we handed out some chicken plates and I was very nervous. Then in February a friend said he knew of a guy who fed the homeless on sunday mornings. I did this for a while. Most of the time I had to wake him up and gode him to come. Soon he could not come anymore so I bascially had to beg friends to come along And after this past summer a group now goes every sunday morning from my church about ten of us it is amazing. We basically collect clothes and blankets and buy from about 50-70 sausage biscuits and just scatter throughout downtown feeding as many people as I can. i have made numerous personal connections downtown. I have even had homeless friends in jail and they have called me to ask me to pray for them. Im doing the best that I can but i would like to do more..This is something I truely feel that God wants me to do...I have so many more things I could say but I would be typing for hours. But I am working on a documentary hopefully will be finished in the coming months.

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