Senior Prom

Official Project

The Problem

Our high school club is hosting a Senior Prom for senior citizens in our community. The prom would be run like a high school prom for teens, complete with music, dancing, dance contests and prizes, crowning of a prom king and queen, corsages, photos and refreshments. Teens will host, usher and serve. The goal is to provide local senior citizens with a fun evening, connect them with each other and bring them together with teenagers, two segments of the community that otherwise don't have contact. Then when teens and seniors see each other in local parks, stores they can greet each other and feel that they are part of a true community. Seniors may feel lonely and meeting their neighbors may help; teens often need guidance or just someone to listen and may feel more comfortable talking to seniors rather than their parents. The teens are working hard to obtain donations of decorations, food, music, prizes, and flowers. This grant would help ensure a wonderful evening for the seniors. Although the event is free any voluntary donations will be made to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Thank you!

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