Official Project

The Problem

KASH is a program designed to fight discrimination, racism, and childhood obesity in my community. The program is open to my entire county (Van Wert), and offers not only educationally recourse, but a healthy snack, and several fitness programs. KASH kids are invited to our local YWCA, Monday thru Friday, from Three Thirty PM to Six O’clock PM, to children six to twelve years old. When the students first arrive, they are settled in, and mentored by local high school students on their homework and reading skills. The students are then offered at healthy snack to benefit not only their diet, but also their education in healthy eating. Next, the KASH students are involved in some form of a physical activity. Those activities are as follows; on every Tuesday and Friday, there are given one hour of swim time, in which they are thought swimming skills, and physical activates and games in the pool. Every Monday, the students are evolved in land fitness, in which a hired fitness instructor teaches the kids physical activities to stay in shape. Some sort of a game may be involved, such as kick ball, or runner ball, in which ALL the kids are kept active at all times. On the last Thursday of every month, for an hour, KASH students are involved in learning Karate. Our instructor is a hired employee, who teaches the kids various karate moves and exercises. All of which promote fitness. The KASH students also take part in community service. Leaders of my program will take the kids to several different locations through out the community, including nursing homes and business, where they help to clean up, support, or collect items need by that organization. Every Wednesday, a hired, retired teacher is brought into the program to tutor the students on their reading, writing, and communication skills. This tutoring time last for one hour. Another activity that the KASH students are involved in is a craft. This craft is aimed at greatening the student’s creativity, as well as their ability to share ideas with their peers. The students are also involved in a team building exercise once a month, to help them grow greater friendships and social development.

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